5 Beginner RV Tips: Planning a Weekend Getaway on your Brand New Recreational Vehicle?

Alright, you adventure seekers! If you recently drove your brand new RV off the lot or pulled your RV out from a self-storage facility, it’s probably for one specific reason. You’re most likely planning a weekend getaway! If that’s exactly what you’re planning then you’re in for a treat! Listen here, if you’re a RV beginner because you don’t want to miss out on these helpful and useful tips for your adventures. Whether you’re starting to become a family of weekend campers or a retired couple looking to travel full time, there are a few important things to note before you dive right into your adventure. Let’s get started!

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1) Understand your Recreational Vehicle – this goes without say, but believe or not there are lots of people still discovering a new thing or two about their RV. With that said, especially for RV beginners who have little to no road experience, should definitely take the time to learn how the recreational vehicle works. For instance, the angles when you turn, getting comfortable of the size, the distance before hitting the brakes, all these little know-hows are critically important to not only your safety but your friends and family as well. If you know anything about RVs, you’d know that there are a lot of features. Depending on what RV you have, you might have features that can enable you to do certain things you haven’t thought of before.

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2) Take your Recreational Vehicle for a test drive – as obvious as this may sound, like most vehicles it’s important to get familiar with how it operates. This is especially important if you’re a RV beginner because you will face obstacles you haven’t faced before. Once simple solution to better prepare yourself for when the time comes to driving is to plan on where your destination is located and research the terrain it’ll be in. Once you figure out the scope, you can prepare yourself by driving a few test drives. Keep in mind; the terrain you’re in and the speed you’re driving to the turns you make will affect the people inside the RV. If there are unsecured items in the RV and you make a sharp turn, you can expect the living area to be a mess. These are the little things to consider when you’re driving your RV for the first time, be wary of the items and passengers on board as you’re driving.

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3) Prepare your Recreational Vehicle before you venture off – like most success in life, preparation is key. Always expect the unexpected; this famous line rings true for RV goers. Be sure to pack a well-stocked tool kit for your RV such as light bulbs, jumper cables, extra fuses, nuts, bolts and parts that are specifically unique to your RV. Aside from the RV’s functions, there are other preparations to be made such as having an adequate supply of living essentials in your living areas.

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4) Plan out your weekend getaway before hopping on your Recreational Vehicle – having a solid plan is a great way to ensure for a fun-filled weekend. One of the most important RV plans to keep in mind is the budget. How much can you allocate for fun and for food. In other words, how much money can you spend eating out versus making sandwiches as an alternative food source. There’s also the route you’re taking to reach your destination. Plan the quickest route or take a few detours for sightseeing, there’s just a lot of variables that could go into planning a simple RV trip weekend, especially if you’re a RV beginner.

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5) Make a campground checklist for your Recreational Vehicle – figuring out where you’ll plan to stay the night is important. As a RV beginner, chances are you might not have a campground routine yet. Therefore, by creating a checklist will help ensure that you’re RVing like a pro. Your checklist should include checking the site locations if there are hanging branches or obstacles on the ground that may hamper your overnight camp. Another tip to mention is to secure your RV’s wheels by chocking them so it remains stationary throughout the night.

Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage | 948 FM 359 S. Road Brookshire, Texas 77423 United States

Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage | 948 FM 359 S. Road Brookshire, Texas 77423 United States

These are the 5 basic beginner RV tips that you can implement when you decide to go off on an adventure. Once you’re satisfied with your weekend getaway, be sure to thoroughly clean your RV and make sure everything is operational and in working condition. This’ll ensure your RV will be ready for the next weekend and the weekends after that. If you pulled your RV from a self-storage facility, be sure to wash the RV before you park back at your local self-storage facility. Here at Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage, we have a wide range of RV parking storage that’ll ensure the safety of your RV. Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage will give you the peace of mind that your RV will be safe and secured. Come on down to Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage today, we’re located in Brookshire, Texas. To find out more information about our storage facility, please contact 281-313-8500 or visit http://toyshedz.com/ today!