Summer 2017 Water Activities While Boating

                  Summer 2017 Water Activities While Boating


Now that summer is in full sway, it’s time to take your boat out for a ride (if you haven’t done so already!). Take your boat out of self storage to the nearest body of water for some good summer fun. There are so many water activities that you and your family or friends can do while boating. Especially if one person prefers to fish and another prefers to swim, there are so many activities that you can do while boating to keep everyone entertained for the day. Here is a list of recommended water activities to do while boating this summer.


1. Snorkeling— This is a great way to explore the sea while exercising! Take your boat out off the coast line and begin your snorkeling adventures alongside the various sea creatures below. Allow your inner adventurer out while snorkeling and see the wonder of the ocean. Take a waterproof camera with you to capture the marvel.

2. Swimming— Take a dip into still water to cool off! If you are boating on a lake and the current is still and safe, we recommend jumping in! Swimming in a lake or the ocean will keep you cool and if you do swimming laps around your boat, you will get a good cardio exercise! If you are boating in the ocean, make sure there are no dangers of sharks and if the waters appear safe, you can jump in for some swimming.

3. Tubing— If you want to go out onto the waters but don’t want to submerge yourself completely, tie a water tube to your boat and enjoy the wade. Water tubes will keep you cool while you bask in the sun and float atop the waters. There are inflatable water apparatuses that come in all shapes and sizes, including the donut rings and chairs. Whatever your preference, you can always tie a string from the boat to your floating apparatus so you don’t float too far away from the boat.

4. Water Ski— If you have a boat with the horsepower strong enough, you could water ski out on the waters. You just need the power to pull someone up and keep the speed manageable for the rider. Many 24’ boats are fast enough to pull a skier behind them, though the acceleration might be slow at first. Lighter and smaller boats tend to accelerate faster, so a boat smaller than 24’ would work for water skiing. Water skiing equipment can be found at your local sporting store or you can find all of the equipment online.

5. Fishing— Fishing is always a great activity to do while boating, especially if certain family members or friends prefer fishing over the other water activities mentioned. You can catch your dinner fishing or simply enjoy the sun while you wait for a bite. Some catch fish for game, and other catch fish for fun before returning them back into the waters. Whatever your preference, know that fishing is a great way to pass the time while boating. Just make sure to stay cool and hydrated while you do so!



Want to find the perfect location to fish largemouth bass and wade on a beautiful Lake? Look no further because Lake Corpus Christi has largemouth bass reaching 5 pounds! There’s also an abundance of Catfish, Crappies, White Bass, and Sunfish. Largemouth bass are difficult to catch in the summer, even for master anglers, but not impossible! You can catch them using spring baits, specifically spinnerbaits and crankbaits are popular methods used to catch the famed largemouth bass.  You can also fish for Catfish and White Bass in the deeper waters of the Lake in the summer, which is perfect for wading your boat. Use cheesebait and cutbait for the Catfish and Jigging spoons to catch White Bass. Wading your boat in the areas of the lake with deeper depths will not only allow you an advantage in the fish pool, but you can sit back and relax as you look onto a beautiful view of the surrounding nature as you wait for the amazing catch of the day! For only $5 per person, per day, you can visit Lake Corpus Christi, which is located two miles west of Mathis. There are boat ramps to easily load and unload your boat so you can easily plan a day’s trip with little hassle!

Lake Houston is a beautiful lake with luscious greenery surrounding the waters. For a wonderful summer’s day, take your boat out for a scenic drive on Lake Houston! Bring your binoculars and drift upon the waters while witnessing the local birds and wildlife around. You can also fish in Lake Houston, with local species being the largemouth bass, white bass, white crappie, blue catfish, and bluegill. Blue catfish are the predominant species in Lake Houston so if this is a fish-favorite of yours, Lake Houston is the place to be! The best way to catch Blue catfishes are by cheesebait and cutbait. Blue catfish are known to be aggressively resistant so they’ll put up a fight. You can use a strong 8-foot rod and a reel with plenty of capacity so if the catfish does put up a fight, you’ll be prepared. Lake Houston is 15 miles north-east of Houston and has many access points for your boat: BJ’s Marina, Ponderosa Marina, Lake Houston Marina, and Duessen Park. Access to Duessen Park is free but the remaining Marina’s is a nominal daily fee for access into the waters.


After you’ve taken your boat out on the waters, you will want to clean the hull and windows before parking your boat in storage. Cleaning up the dirt and residue will help preserve your boat and keep it in pristine condition. Wipe down the hull and windows with a mixture of water and dishwater soap. Or you can use a microfiber rag to wipe down the boat. However you clean the boat is up to personal preference and it will help get all the mud and gunk out before it mildews and spoils the hull and sides.


With your boat clean, you are now ready for storage! To further protect your boat from the weathered elements, cover it with a boat cover and place it into storage. Storing your boat will keep it safe and secure until the next time. For your boat storage needs near Brookshire, Texas, come on by to Toy Shedz. We have the right boat storage space for you!