Boat and RV Storage Tips for Texas Winters

Winter has arrived and you’re now faced with the task of storing your RV or Boat into storage. Here are some important tips to help you.

It’s always important to find a dry location to store the vehicle, or at least a location that does not experience high amounts of moisture. Among other things, moisture can lead to fungal problems that wear and tear on the vehicle.  A simple tip is to always cover the Boat or RV vehicle with a tarp or protective covers to prevent from weather damage to the exterior and interior. Additionally, tire covers helps to prevent dry rot and cracks which commonly occur when a vehicle sits unused for a longer period of time.

A highly recommended step is to change the oil before storage. Oil is good for an entire year while sitting in the engine but risks destabilization after that as the nature of the oil begins to disintegrate and this can potentially cause problems for the engine. Therefore, if planning on storing your vehicle in a storage facility for a year or longer, it is good to fog the engine. Fogging is done by spraying Fogging Oil (found in most hardware stores) into spark plug holes while turning the engine to ensure the oil coat is evenly spread across engine surfaces. This helps prevent rust, corrosion, and the engine seizing up in storage.

Another consideration when storing your Boat or RV vehicle for a long period of time is to put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank a day or two before the vehicle is stored. By doing this, the stabilizer can flow through the entire fuel system helping preserve gasoline. Products such as Seafoam and Sta-Bil will do the trick! It is also very important to fill the entire gasoline tank before storage in order to preserve the tank. Condensation of water vapor on any exposed tank walls could lead to oxidation and damage. All fluids, especially anti-freeze, should also be topped up when placing a vehicle in storage.

Finally, before deciding to remove the battery prior to placing your Boat or RV vehicles in storage, it is a good idea to check with the dealership or expert who is well-aware of the make and design of your vehicle. Some cars, for example, may require the battery be connected at all times due to computer memory and modules. For other vehicles, however, simply removing the battery and keeping it on a maintainer at home better preserves the battery’s integrity.

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